Sorynex - Under Construction


Sorynex is an alias created back in 2008 when I first used it for my YouTube channel.
At first, Sorynex was a project all about making remixes and so called mashups of
my favourite artists in the music scene. Back then I really was into Linkin Park's music.
My taste in music has emerged alot until now. Going from Alternative, Nu-metal, Punk and
Rock into mostly electronic music nowadays. Makig mashups using different sound-editing
software teached me how to bring two songs into the same tempo.

In summer 2010 I was introduced to the genre of Drum'N'Bass, listening to alot of
Pendulum's music. Later on I became a fan of different DnB producers that are not that quite known.
YouTube channels such as Liquicity, UKF Drum & Bass, MrSuicideSheep, 17tumba and LedgeSounds
are big influences  for me, because they support the growing DnB community and the artists alot.
Later on I figured that the D&B-subgenre of Liquid Funk is my most desired.

Becoming more interested into Drum & Bass changed the theme of my YouTube uploads
and my internet networking. I now want to support the dnb scene with my work as well
as brand new artists joining it. There are plenty of them and most of them are just making
amazing music! That's simply why I started to DJ in early 2013. Online radio stations
such as Bassdrive and their artists sharing a big fanbase inspired me to start making
my own bi-weekly radio show. I started to work out a concept and came up with the
name of 'LIQUID FEELICITY'. After practicing alot on mixing with my setup I came
across the new and growing UK-based online station 'Liquid Sessions Radio' on
which 'LIQUID FEELICITY' is part of the shedule every 2nd and 4th Wednesday
of each month from 18:00 - 20:00 PM [GMT].

Another field of art I'm interested in is graphic design.
That helps alot on networking and I also sometimes
create artworks for friends.