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Going back to the old times...

Posted by Sorynex on June 3, 2012 at 6:25 PM Comments comments (0)

I still listen to the musical stuff I liked back when I started my uTube channel.
Somehow I got back to the sound of Linkin Park alot more the past few weeks.
As a result there are going to be two projects regarding the field of Linkin Park.

Number 1 is  called "(SORYNEX) REVIEWS".
In this video series I'm gonna take a look at some bootleg fan mixtape
compilations of the old Linkin Park Remixer crew on uTube & on the net.
Some of the topics I plan to do are the following ones:
- 'Reanitheory' by
Bryan Aimetti
- The discography of LPandKT/UnforgettableSound
- 'Chopped pt.1+2' & 'Synthetic' by DJIntensity
- 'Anima Insana' by LPJAY08/Detective Fingerling
- some of my own Mixes+Mashups
- Remixes by linkingabo
- 'Hybrid Feeling' by Park Of Me
- Remixes by JesperRemixer
- Remixes by DJHD
You see, I'm gonna introduce & analyse single fan albums +
the whole work of the persons behind those Remixes & Mashups.

Number 2 is an analysis of Linkin Park's music video for 'Papercut'.
The teacher of our Englisch Conversation course asked us to do a presentation
about any topic we would like to do & for me the history of Linkin Park
seemed a good topic. The same day, after watching the Papercut music video,
I decided to make a presentation about the Papercut single & the music video.
I'm also going to upload a video dealing with this issue & I'm gonna analyse
the music video very precisely since there are  alot of things going on +
alot of people are wondering about the meaning of this clip.
You can check out the video right here:
For me, Papercut is still the best Linkin Park song of all time! : )

That's all for now,
I'll simply say bye & see you next time hopefully  ;)

Absolutely BIG new tracks! =D

Posted by Sorynex on April 9, 2012 at 1:25 PM Comments comments (0)

I just have to share some new sounds.
The first piece seems to be another new tune by Fred V & Grafix which was played
on their set @ Hospitality in the Brixton Academy. won't let me embe the video here so I can only give you a link with the video starting at the right point.
Following to this unreleased tune they played 'Just A Thought', their Remix of Skepta's 'Hold On' & Metrik's Remix of 'Still Here' by the Stanton Warriors
Can you feel it? =)

Another new track that will be available from the D&B Arena album of 2012 is
Dimensions single 'Children' played out alot by Rollz in his sets. It gained massive
support from Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1Xtra.

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The last one is from SPY & it's a remix of 'All Yours' by the Submotion Orchestra.
Well done! : ) The original is already beautiful & SPY added the D&B touch to it.

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Thanx for reading & listening! : )

Episode 1 of the Sorynex Podcast - March 2012

Posted by Sorynex on April 2, 2012 at 8:30 PM Comments comments (0)


Uploaded the first podcast on the 30th of March already!
Didn't have time to post anything about it here in the Blog! ^^
I really appreciate the support from my boy Wake The Phantom.
He sent over the first exclusive track to me and I also started the show with it! ;)
Thanx for the support in return mate! :)
WTP also wanted to release a new EP soon but that is coming out a bit later because
he's concentrating on school in the upcoming weeks. I can truly understand that!

After 4 favorite tunes of mine I just dropped a Guest Mix by myself!
That one turned out very well for me! =)
Just mixed together kinda jump up/(mainstream) DnB with a few liquid vibes! 8)

The last tune of the first edition is my personal anthem of summer 2012:
'Just A Thought' by our heroes Fred V & Grafix!
Of course I had to play that latest purchase out!

- April holds alot of big new releases for us.
- I now have 2 weeks of pure Easter holidays! = D
- SizzleBird will hopefully contribute a Guest Mix
after his journey to Spain!

2012 - A new part of my project beginns!

Posted by Sorynex on March 19, 2012 at 3:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Having just updated the design & the home page of the site after almost 2,5 years.
I'll now use the site more often. The main theme of my project is now to support
my favorite music genre: Drum & Bass.
That will affect my YouTube uploads as I'll now upload fresh tunes
from new artists now in order to support them.
Another thing that I'll start soon will be my own podcast
presenting mixes from myself and hopefully also some guest mixes.
You'll be able to download & listen to the podcast on Soundcloud & MixCloud.
At least I'm planing to upload the podcasts there because not everyone
owns iTunes.

I hope you'll all like my new work! =)
-- Simon, aka Sorynex

Site is updated! + New single! ^^

Posted by Sorynex on December 23, 2009 at 4:56 PM Comments comments (0)

Hey all you viewers! :)

I finished the updates for the site! This is new:
- New blink-182 style in order of Going To School (Banner, background etc.)
- Lower space to get faster loading times
- Relaunch of the Sorynex Background
- Ratings about the website
   You can rate about 4 different questions on the homepage! If you don't want to go ahead...
    here's the link:

What's to come:

-A new forum for members of the Sorynex Background
-Update of the FAQ's page
-The first single of Going To School! :) (25th or 26th December!)

That's all! ;) Bye!

Site Updates!

Posted by Sorynex on December 15, 2009 at 2:13 PM Comments comments (0)

Hey all you fans out there! =)

Today I finished the last one of my hard exams! ;) In order of Going To School, the site will be updated this week!
Maybe after the new changes I will upload a video to youtube! I would like you to rate about the new site!
I will give you 2 weeks to comment and rate the site and then I will make things better, you don't like!
Just 1 week to go at school and then it's Christmas in Germany! :) Will write more on the blog from now on!
See you! --Sorynex

Just a quick update about Going To School

Posted by Sorynex on December 12, 2009 at 8:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Hey all you friends of remixes and all kids out there! ^^

I'm just doing a quick update about Going To School!
The artwork (Front and Back) is already finished! The Frontcover could be seen in the trailer!
There were already 2 other artworks in the trailer! One of the pictures is on the Backcover now. The other one is going to be a cover for a single! :wink: Every version of Going To School will have a little difference on the artwork, so you can differentiate which version you have! :)
I'm also going to do a complete collection of artwork for the special edition! That means some wallpapers and an inlay! :wink:
That's all about the artwork so far...

Now... I started mixing late, because I wanted to concentrate on my exams at school! I thought about ideas for some mixes! And the first single is almost finished! :) But it's the only mix I made so far! I will make a bunch of mixes in my christmas holidays! That's 2 weeks... I hope that I can make like 8 to 10 mixes in that time! And there's also one week and 3 days left until Christmas! So I will finish 2 mixes in this period! Then I would have 10 to 12 mixes! I can't promise anything ^^ but I hope that I will have 5 to 10 mixes done after my holidays!
I actually want to make 14 mixes for the album, so I can finish it before the end of January 2010!
The normal version and the high quality version are going to be released at the same day! The special edition will be out a bit later and it will feature 3 to 4 special bonus mixes and the artwork I already mentioned above! =) It will be available for the members of The SNB (Sorynex Background) which is my fanclub! ;) If you already want to join it, click here:

I relaunched the SNB, after there were just 2 people who joined it! But I think it's also cool to see, who comes to my site and want to have some more stuff from me! =)

That's it for today!
Good night to everybody out there! I'm out! Peace!

Blink-182 Remixes: Going To School & all other projects

Posted by Sorynex on November 18, 2009 at 12:23 PM Comments comments (0)

Hey guys & girls!

Thanks for following me on the blog ^^

Today I wanted to give you some information about all my projects I've been talking about and first of all my new project (I think one of 4 new projects! =D) Going To School...
 You know, there's a time you're listening to other music than usualy :D That's what happend to me... I mostly listend to Linkin Park for 2 years or so ^^ And now there's a band I already liked before, but now i know much more songs of them! That's blink-182! Another thing about the new album is, that I haven't got new good ideas for mixing LP-Songs... But that's just for a short period of time I think ^^ I really wanted to have a good and funny name for the new album! I thought of different directions... But then I wanted to bring something in from my personal life! ;) And that's why the new mixtape is called Going To School... I mostly listen to blink's songs when I'm driving to school by bus and it's always cool to meet your friends at school! There are many things about school I like... but i don't like most of the teachers and all the exams ^^ The best thing is to get out of school and drive home again. But i think that Going Home From School was a bit too long and there wasn't enough spaces on the cover! =D There are going to be mostly remixes of Enema Of The State - Songs! But also old-school songs and songs from the self-titled blink-182 album are going to be mixed! ;) It's just a blink-182 remixalbum! I'm not going to mix Boxcar Racer, Angels & Airwaves (AVA) or Pluss 44! There's going to be a mixtape for them, too! =]

About my other projects with LP:
 -Memories Consume will come out later in the first quater of 2010! When LPU 9.0 is finaly released, you will have the chance to use the official demo of Breaking The Habit for your mixes! : ]
 -Levitation is going to be released in the second quater of 2010! That's just the plan! I'll have to write hard exams this year! But in my holidays I will mix very often!
 -Reanimotion will be released someday in 2010... It's actualy not my most important project!

That's everything for today! ;) See you nex time! --Sorynex

Memories Consume + Levitation Update

Posted by Sorynex on September 1, 2009 at 7:57 PM Comments comments (0)


Well, time for another blog entry!
Today I uploaded the last update for Memories Consume!
The new release date is now the 12th of September 09!
Watch the video here:

But that's not everything! I'm serious! Don't walk away now! =D
I'm sorry, but Levitation is also coming out later! =(
I was so busy in my holidays, so I couldn't finish Leviation on the 30th of August!
So, now it's coming out sometime before Memories Consume! ;)
Just a little surprise for you ^^

Well, that's everything for today!

Updates + New Album

Posted by Sorynex on July 14, 2009 at 11:43 AM Comments comments (0)
Hey guys and girls!

It's time to write a new entrie on the blog ;)

I just wanted to say, that the Sorynex Background isn't visible, because there were just 2 people who became interested in getting rare material from me. So now, everybody can download the Premix EP [SNB 1.0] on the Download Albums page.

The other thing is, that the new album that is coming on the 30th of August isn't one of the previous albums, I wanted to bring out. There were so many ideas in my head for a long time! So, the first album that is coming out in my summer holidays is Levitation! I know, I never talked about an album that is called Levitation. Levitation is going to be an album with mixes from Meteora! As a lot of you know, LP had a very great success with Meteora! And that's what I want to do with Levitation! It should be a very very good album with new ideas that gives Meteora a new style. I want to work harder on my mixes, so the album is gonna be hopefully better than 824 and Striking Extradition. Linkin Park also did a Making of Meteora and they really cared about the artwork for this epic album. That's exaclty what I want to do with the album! I wanna show you how such a mixtape is made and which things I use for that. So, on the 30th of August 09 you can download this thing ^^